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Upto 2 TB storage available!
End to End Encrypted Backup
On Demand Syncing & Restore
Faster than Dropbox and Mozy
Automatic Backup on modify
Scalable and Upgradable
Portable and Unrestricted
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Why Folder Lock's Secure Backup?
Because it is truly secure! Your data is encrypted on your PC as well as on the cloud.

Access your encrypted files anytime and anywhere! It's faster than Dropbox and more reliable than Box.
Monthly Storage Packages
  • 10 GB $5 (Trial)
  • 200 GB $60
  • 20 GB $10 (Trial)
  • 500 GB $100
  • 50 GB $20 (Trial)
  • 1 TB $200
  • 100 GB $30 (Trial)
  • 2 TB $400